Downloading and Installing Smewt

On Linux

To install Smewt on Linux, it is recommended to install its dependencies (especially PyQt4) through your distribution package manager.

On a Debian/Ubuntu system, you can install those with the following command:

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-qt4 python-cheetah python-lxml python-feedparser

Then just do the following:

sudo pip install smewt

Note: it is recommended to use pip instead of easy_install as the latter has some problems when installing Smewt in your applications menu.

On Mac OS X

You can install Smewt using the dmg provided here.

(Alternatively, you can also easy_install it if you feel more comfortable this way, but make sure you have a working version of PyQt4...)

On Windows

You can install Smewt using the binary installer provided here.